Hunter Hard News Story

Hunter College boasts about their “setting at the heart of New York City”, but does the school’s administration live up to New Yorkers’ standards? With over 23,000 students and counting, Hunter students are often left feeling lost and unsupported.


When seeking help with financial or registration needs, many students are faced with road blocks. Instead of a CUNY system ready to aid and support, they are met with multiple offices which give them conflicting responses to the same question.


“The college is made out of tin, but the outside is stone,” stated Hunter junior, James Reilly. After two years at Hunter, Reilly voiced concern over how difficult it is to solve issues within the school’s bureaucracy. When the funds for his scholarship didn’t show up in his financial aid portal, Reilly had to go to his counselor, the Office of Bursar, and the Office of Financial Aid to fix the issue. “None of them knew how to help; I kept getting sent somewhere else,” said Reilly.


Hunter senior, Tahra Jirari, stated, “You get 10 different answers every time and your calls get transferred.” Although the Hunter’s registration and financial offices are close in proximity, they lack in communication with one another. With a phone that goes straight to voicemail, and never-ending lines, the offices at Hunter are rubbing students the wrong way.


However, these issues may not be exclusive to Hunter, since the school is connected to the larger CUNY system. “It’s a whole lot of red tape to maneuver around any time you want to get anything done,” proclaimed film student, Doug Guida. Students may not know the root of Hunter’s administrative issues, but they do feel the red tape when they try to get things done.


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