The Climate Movement in New York

Sparked by the actions of 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, students all over the world joined forces on Friday, September 20th, to school strike for climate. The worldwide strikes on the 20th took place two days before the UN Climate Summit in Manhattan. In hopes of inspiring change, approximately 250,00 people marched within Manhattan from Folley Square to Battery Park. With the sun was beaming down on the lawn of Battery Park, things were moving fast in anticipation for the incoming crowd. Police were stationed around the periphery of the area, stage crewmen were working diligently on the audio and visual displays, and early arrivers were beginning to crowd with their posters and reusable water bottles in hand. With the words “prosecute polluters” painted across her cheeks, Laguardia high school student Arwen Viramarche stands among a group of her friends stating, “we want to save the planet, it’s really that simple.” The people ranged from teens, like Viramarche, to media personnel and more experienced protesters. While politics are often ageist, the strike was filled with people of all ages who were together for a common purposeWith the encouragement of Mayor Deblasio, New York students were able to miss class without penalty. The area was littered with posters such as “the planet is screaming”. Within the crowd, was Now This News’ Snapchat story curator, Brianna. Although reluctant to give her last name for use in print, she commented that, “kids across the globe are realizing we need to take change.”  

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